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Ventures & Wine: Learn to communicate as a leader

How to communicate as a leader of company can be a challenge. Learn from Aina Calpe, who is a voice, speech and public speaking coach specializing in communication for business leaders. Together we will discuss the importance of the way we communicate, which greatly influences the ultimate success of our business venture.
One more great Ventures and Wine event supported by Industriens Fond and organized by CPHLabs, REBBLS, Copenhagen University and Symbion

Tilmelding påkrævet
9. feb 2023 - Symbion


Senest redigeret: 1. februar 2023


  • Status Afholdes som planlagt
  • Dato og tid
  • Arrangør Symbion
  • Tilmelding Tilmelding påkrævet
  • Pris 0 kr. eks. moms
  • Sted Symbion, Co-working area
    Fruebjergvej 3
    2100 København Ø

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