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SoundTech startup community celebration

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7. dec 2022 - Lydens Hus
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Danish Sound Cluster in Lydens Hus would like to invite people from the Symbion Community who are interested in tech-sound and startups to an event.

They have invited sound tech startups to participate, BUT they also need supporters of the startup community to take part of this event. With your expertise and experience, you can help startups develop new ideas and businesses; on the other hand, many of these young entrepreneurs need your advice, for instance in an advisory board. If you are curious to meet startups, to explore your own competencies in an advisor role and perhaps find an advisory board to join, this is the event you should join!

If you feel like it, you will have the opportunity to (shortly) present yourself and hopefully connect with participants for future collaboration.

17:00-18:15: Talk on advisory boards 
As a startup, it’s often a struggle to prioritize your time and make sure that you and your colleagues focus on developing and testing the right products and/or services. But where to go if you need sparring on business development, funding, investments, financing, sales, marketing, product development, growth, risks …?
• Intro by Joel Beilin: What is an advisory board? How can you use it in the development of your startup?
• Case-stories: Torso Electronics, IDUN Audio, Auricle and more. Experiences and advice.
• Advisor’s pitch: What are your experiences? Which competencies can you bring to the table in a startup?

18:15-20:00: SoundTech Startup Community celebration
• Free networking, tapas and DJ Emma, Joachim and Anja from incubator startup Vibroacoustics
• Share your ideas for future events with us!


Oprettet: 24. november 2022


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  • Arrangør Danish Sound Cluster
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  • Sted Lydens Hus, Kantinen
    Gl. Kongevej 11
    1610 København V

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