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An afternoon on the law of free speech

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30. aug 2022 - Symbion

Welcome to the first Community Talk

The founder of the think tank Justitia, located at Symbion, Jacob Mchangama, will give a talk about his work and share his experience on how to establish, fund, operate and internationalize a successful non-profit organization. He will also provide insights on Justitia’s Future of Free Speech project that seeks to build a resilient global culture of free speech in the digital age where this freedom is under fire from both states and private tech companies.

After the talks, the participants are invited to networking and a glass of wine or water.

About the Speaker:
Jacob Mchangama has written and commented extensively on free speech and human rights in international media outlets including the Economist, Washington Post, BBC, CBS News, NPR, CNN, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, The Wall Street Journal, Politico as well as academic and peer-reviewed journals. He is the producer and narrator of the podcast “Clear and Present” Danger: A History of Free Speech and the critically acclaimed book “Free Speech: A History from Socrates to Social Media” published by Basic Books in 2022.

Jacob is an experienced public speaker and has given talks and participated in debates at numerous high-level conferences and fora including the Doha Forum, OSCE, European Parliament, Chatham House, Columbia University, NYU, Stanford, Syracuse University, The British Library, The Bilderberg Meeting, RightsCon, Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, Brookings Institution, Web Summit, Oslo Freedom Forum and MozFest, and frequently appears on TV and Radio. Jacob has a thought-provoking and original take on where free speech comes from, what it means, whether free speech should protect blasphemy, hate speech, fake news and internet trolls and if and how social media platforms should be regulated.

About the Community Talks:
The idea behind these Community Talks is to create a forum where all the interesting, creative and curious people in our community can meet, network, share knowledge, learn and be inspired.

The Community Talks will take place last Tuesday each month between 16-18 at Symbion, Fruebjergvej. In time we will also arrange Community Talks at the other locations.

We are going to invite one or two companies/organizations within the Symbion Community to share their startup story; The knowledge/science on which the idea was build, the challenges and the successes. Sometimes we will invite an external expert. Each Community Talk has a different topic, and everybody within and outside the community is very welcome to attend.

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