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Introduction to the fundamentals of good experimental planning

4. maj 2023 - COBIS
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Get the most out of your experiments!

Who is the target group? If you work with planning experiments, for example within the pharmaceutical sciences, or with the subsequent statistical analysis and reporting of data, then this course is for you.

What will we talk about? Design of experiments is a powerful tool when planning studies to ensure to get the best and most valuable data for the cost of experimentation. In this presentation we will give and introduction to the main design principles when planning new experiments. We will discuss the principles of confounding, randomization, blocking and balancing, and illustrate these with useful experimental plans in pharmaceutical sciences. Statistical analysis is closely related to the design and the most common methods will be described as well.

Who is presenting? Klaus Kaae Andersen is Director at Omicron, a consultancy company within biostatistical analyses of clinical trials and real-world data. Klaus has been teaching design and analysis of experiments for a number of years, both at the Technical University of Denmark and at University of Copenhagen.

What’s the deadline for signing up? no later than April 30 2023 to 

You will be informed right away if you got a seat. If no seats available, we will arrange for a new session on a new date

Marianne Kirkeby Bateson

Marianne Kirkeby Bateson

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