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26. jan 2024 - Lydens Hus

To celebrate the new canteen, café area and stage, we invite everybody in the Symbion Community and all audio enthusiasts to a housewarming party at the community’s location ‘Lydens Hus’, which houses startups and entrepreneurs within festivals, soundtech, podcasting, distribution, speaker manufacturers, underwater sound, spatial audio, sound design, etc.

You can look forward to various musical performances, an affordable bar with beer, wine, sodas and other non-alcoholic alternatives and plenty of opportunities to network with a lot of interesting people 🎉

4.00 p.m.: Reception & ‘baptism’ of the café
4.00 p.m. DJ Jeppe Vingum
5.30 p.m.: Xeno! live
6.00 p.m.: DJ Mademoiselle Jekel
9.00 p.m.: DJ Nepenthes & Ariel
12.00 a.m.: Thank you for participating and goodnight

We look forward to seeing you! 🥳

Anne Aarup Bay

Senest redigeret: 25. januar 2024


  • Status Afholdes som planlagt
  • Dato og tid
  • Arrangør Symbion
  • Pris 0 kr. eks. moms
  • Sted Lydens Hus, Canteen
    Gl. Kongevej 11
    1610 København V

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