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DHL Raley (stafetten)

2. sep 2022 - Symbion

The SYMBION COMMUNITY is participating in the greatest exercise event of the year: The DHL Relay Race (DHL Stafetten) in Fælledparken. We are 20 running teams and 11 walking teams from all four locations: Symbion (Fruebjergvej), Univate, COBIS and Lydens Hus.

We meet no later than 17.30 at the large Symbion Tent in Fælledparken. It is located in BLOK 20 See map below: Arrive in good time, especially if it is your first time at this event.

You will receive your start number and running T-shirt in advance or at the Symbion Tent.

The walking participants just take one start number each. They are sent off in small groups from 18.30 – 18.45, and the entire walking team follows each other from start to finish. The walking route has its own start and finish.

The running teams distribute the starting numbers among themselves. Runner no. 1 should be ready at 18:00 in the changing zone, and runner No. 2 should typically be ready at 18:25. It is a relay and the baton goes from runner to runner in the change zone. Runner No. 5, crosses the finishing line.
Runner number 1 picks up the baton in the Symbion tent

I recommend that you download the DHL app (DHL Stafetten). Click on “Jeg deltager”/Fredag 2 September/search for SYMBION.

It is important to emphasize that the event is for Symbion Community members, i.e. people who work at one of Symbion’s locations. So you do not have to fill up the teams with family members unless you get a last minute cancellation.

The event is only for paying participants in the relay as we, unfortunately, do not have room for guests/cheers in the tent.

We are looking forward to a great event for everybody in Symbion Community.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Community Manager, Eva Bang-Hansen on or 25 36 07 70.


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