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Community Breakfast

4. maj 2023 - COBIS

Join the community breakfast at COBIS and start off your Thursday with a bread roll and a nice chat!

Kathrine and Diana will arrange a delicious Community Breakfast and we hope you’ll come and enjoy the food with your co-workers and neighbours in COBIS.

The social events are always free and open to all Symbion Community tenants regardless of location, just show up! We look forward to seeing you!

Marianne Kirkeby Bateson

Marianne Kirkeby Bateson

Senest redigeret: 25. april 2023


  • Status Afholdes som planlagt
  • Dato og tid
  • Arrangør Symbion
  • Pris 0 kr. eks. moms
  • Sted COBIS, Kantinen
    Ole Maaløes Vej 3
    2200 København N

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