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1. nov 2022 - Symbion

Delivering data-driven decisions is THE topic of the year and it is considered one of the most important skillsets a company requires to succeed and scale.

But how do you, in fact, deliver on the strategic decision of becoming more data-driven? The introduction of extensive TECH-stacks has massively complicated Founders/CEO’s ability to gather the relevant data in a fluent, cost-efficient, reliable and systematic way but TECH PERFORMANCE SCORE does just that.

Companies of the future that implement TECH PERFORMANCE SCORE will imbed a dedicated focus on their performance-data/significant OKR/KPIs.

Janus Rudolf is the founder of Merqur Group and the inventor of Tech Performance Score™. He has offered to give a short inspirational talk to the Symbion Community about this methodology and how you can implement performance measurement and data matter in your own company. The goal is to get you one step closer to delivering on the promise: be more data-driven.

Slides and data-models handed out after the talk.

Participation is free but you have to sign up in advance. We serve coffee and a light breakfast.


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