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Symbion coworking space in Copenhagen - part of a larger network

We have cheap shared office space in Copenhagen, located in Østerbro, Nørrebro, Vesterbro, Islands Brygge and Frederiksberg. Each location focuses on one or more selected industries and ecosystems to create optimal conditions for knowledge sharing and to make use of each other's competences. As a tenant in Symbion, you will be part of a professional and serious business environment with over 730 ambitious entrepreneurial and growth companies that are committed to driving their business towards success.

They are large, small and medium-sized companies working in a wide range of business areas, so you will be part of a network of experts and potential partners who can take your business much further than you can alone.

"Community is important when you are a small business. Because here is everything a big company can offer."

- Erik Plinius, Envisor ApS

This is what you get in Symbion's shared offices

In Symbion's office communities, you get a great environment and access to a wide range of services targeted at startups and entrepreneurs, including:

Advantages of a coworking space

The benefits of sitting in a coworking space are many. First of all, the opportunity to form professional networks with like-minded and potential sparring and business partners is of great importance.

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In addition, the flexibility and ease of scaling up and down as needed is important for many entrepreneurs, as is 24-hour access and the ability to use rooms and areas that allow for focus and contemplation.

Find prices of shared offices in Copenhagen

See prices for what an office in Symbions coworking space in Copenhagen will cost you - the price we quote is the price that will appear on your invoice if you move in.

Find an office for rent in Copenhagen

If you want an office space in one of our shared offices, you can read more about the options for your own fixed desk space:

Office space in Copenhagen with shared office in Symbion.

coworking space on Vesterbro

We also offer offices and office space in our coworking space Lydens Hus on Vesterbro, where companies working with sound and soundtech are working under the same roof at Gl. Kongevej with a view of the lakes.

coworking space at Islands Brygge

Univate Njalsgade is located on Islands Brygge in Amager, Copenhagen. Here you can also find a vacant office for rent. Univate is a collaboration between Symbion and the University of Copenhagen.

coworking space at Nørrebro

On Nørrebro at KU's Nørre Campus is our coworking space COBISwhere biotech and life science companies work. Get your own office in Symbion's coworking space on Nørrebro.

coworking space on Østerbro

Symbion Østerbro is the network's largest location and hosts startups and entrepreneurs in IT, tech, foodtech, biotech, medtech, hardware, software, SaaS etc. Get a good office lease Symbion's coworking space on Østerbro.

Denmark's largest startup environment.

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