The best conditions for entrepreneurs' chances of success.

The necessary space for deeper understanding, the pleasant and informal meetings, as well as professional tools and communities where ideas, experiences, resources and business opportunities are shared for the common good.







The best conditions for entrepreneurs' chances of success

Community platform

Networking, benefits, meeting room booking, events overview etc.


Educational meetups, pitch presentations and social Friday bars.

Large network

Ample opportunity to collaborate, network and build relationships.

Focused network meetings

Targeted networking meetings where the Community Team puts together relevant companies.


Symbion has a close collaboration with a number of partners, including Accelerace, the Universities of Copenhagen, REBBLS, Food & Bio Cluster.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge, advice, inspiration and success stories


In the Symbion network, we make an effort to always have a calendar of activities filled with exciting events, meetups, pitch presentations, Friday bars, etc. Below you can see the next events and on the events page you can see all upcoming events.

Community Networking Cake

Community Networking Cake

Social & Networking

Univate Njalsgade, København S

Community Friday Bar

Community Friday Bar

Social & Networking

Symbion, København Ø

Grand Opening – New location

Grand Opening – New location

Business & professional, Social & Networking

Symbion Frederiksberg, Frederiksberg

Community Platform

You can access the Community Platform mit.symbion when you are part of the Symbion network (except virtual offices). This gives you access to a platform that facilitates networking, sparring and knowledge sharing combined with special deals and house agreements, easy and accessible meeting room booking, overview of professional and social events in the network and much, much more.

Symbion Connect

Symbion Connect meetings are relevant and targeted networking meetings where the Community Team selects companies working in the same industry or facing the same challenges.


In Symbion Community we make an effort to always have a calendar of activities filled with exciting events, networking events, workshops, lectures, pitch presentations, network breakfasts and Friday bars. In addition, we organise a number of 'flagship events' such as Sports Day and Christmas Party, where companies from all locations in the community come together for an extra-large event.

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