Shared lab

Rent a lab bench in a shared lab, access to shared equipment and a community.

Parts-laboratory for rent in Copenhagen

Rent a lab bench among other like-minded people.

  • Laboratory rooms
  • Membership flex space
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Community platform
  • Large network
  • Events

The parts lab at Symbion Østerbro(CPHLabs) is a collaboration between Symbion, University of Copenhagen and REBBLS with funding from the Danish Industry Foundation, where you can apply to become part of the parts lab.
Price DKK 3,990 excl. VAT.

At Symbion Frederiksberg, the ambitious new growth center for companies working in life science and greentech, there is also a sharing lab. You can become part of this by filling out the form here.
Price DKK 7,500 excl. VAT.

As a company in the sharing lab at Symbion Frederiksberg, you have the opportunity to purchase 30 hours of access per month to the location's sharing facilities, which include a sharing equipment room, GMO2 room and yeast and bacteria room.
Price DKK 7,500 excl. VAT.

Interested in a tour of the parts labs?

Contact CPHLabs at Symbion Østerbro for a viewing here.
Book a viewing of Symbion Frederiksberg here.


Shared lab is available at these locations

New location


Nordre Fasanvej 215, 2000 Frederiksberg


Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Symbion Community

Much more than a workplace.

Community platform

You can access the Community Platform mit.symbion when you are part of the Symbion network (except virtual offices). This gives you access to a platform that facilitates networking, sparring and knowledge sharing combined with special deals and house agreements, easy and accessible meeting room booking, overview of professional and social events in the network and much, much more.


In the Symbion network, we make an effort to always have a calendar of activities filled with exciting events, meetups, pitch presentations, Friday bars, etc. On the events page you can see all upcoming events.


Access to skills, knowledge and sparring is crucial when building and scaling your business. To give you and your business access to this, Symbion works closely with a number of partners, including Accelerace, the universities of Copenhagen, REBBLS, Food & Bio Cluster and others. They can help you and your business when you are part of the Symbion network in different areas.

Knowledge sharing

On the Entrepreneur Blog you will find guides, success stories, knowledge, etc. targeted at startups and entrepreneurs. You can learn about industries and ecosystems in the Symbion network and get inspiration on how to grow your business.

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