Islands Brygge

This environment consists of 130 innovative startups and entrepreneurs working in the fields of AI, IoT, legaltech, software, etc. The reason for a focus on specific industries is that it creates optimal conditions for knowledge sharing and for making use of each other's competences.


5.500m2 community

The location is 5,500 m2 and houses companies in the areas of AI, IoT, IT security, legaltech, software etc. It is located on the University of Copenhagen's south campus (KUA 3) at Njalsgade 76 on Islands Brygge. Being in the same building as the university students, you experience life and buzz when moving around the campus. In addition, the startup environment is a present community that creates relationships among the right people across entrepreneurs, universities, corporates, industries, ecosystems, etc.

The environment's combination of offices, meeting rooms and various lounge areas supports a productive and innovative workplace with space for focused work, informal conversations and relaxation.

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Large network

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The Symbion network is a start-up and entrepreneurial environment made up of locations each focusing on specific industries and ecosystems to create optimal conditions for knowledge sharing and for making use of each other's competences.


Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø


Ole Maaløes Vej, 2200 Copenhagen N

Cobis Tagensvej

Tagensvej 22, 2200 Copenhagen N

Lydens Hus

Lydens Hus

Gl. Kongevej 11-13, 1610 Copenhagen V

Opening 2024


Nordre Fasanvej 215, 2000 Frederiksberg

Denmark's largest startup environment.

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