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Private office

Your own personal office.

Prices from 5,912 kr./md.
To 2 - 50+ people


A flexible space in co-working and common areas.

Prices from 1,545 kr./md.
To 1 person

Office space

Your own permanent place in a coworking space.

Prices from 2,900 kr./md.
To 1 person

Conference and Event Space

For meetings, conferences, workshops or courses.

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Symbion's history

Since its early days, Symbion has been characterised by a special entrepreneurial spirit. Not just when three idealistic researchers from the University of Copenhagen created a non-profit foundation aimed at establishing close cooperation between business and academia, but also in their tireless struggle to create a fledgling entrepreneurial environment to help start-up entrepreneurs get off the ground.

A good 30 years after its birth - and with many exciting developments along the way - Symbion must be said to have become the success it was intended to be: Well-run IT and biotech companies have grown up within Symbion's walls, and Symbion itself has grown too. Symbion now occupies a total of five locations: on Fruebjergvej, on the CBS Campus, on the KU Nørre Campus and two on the KU Søndre Campus.

Located at the University of Copenhagen and CBS, and with the IT University as its neighbour, Symbion pursues the spirit from which the community was born, namely to create links between the university, the established business community and entrepreneurship. Here, start-ups can try out their ideas and share in the synergy that comes when several new companies in the same sector share a canteen and coffee machine - not to mention the many professional and social networking events that link individual companies. The entrepreneurial spirit still permeates Symbion.

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Frequently asked questions


If you rent your own office, furniture is not included in the rent*. However, we always arrange for you to rent a set of furniture for 180 DKK/month. excl. VAT. A furniture set consists of a coffee table, a chair, a bookcase and a wastepaper basket.

If you rent an office space, you get a height-adjustable table, office chair, locker with lock and wastepaper basket included in the price.

With a membership, you may use the furniture and screens available in the coworking and common areas. In Symbion Coworking, computer screens are available.

You have 24/7 access to your primary location, whether you rent your own office, shared office space or membership.

However, please note that the reception can only be contacted during its opening hours.

Yes. There is a reception at all our locations that both you and your customers can go to. Opening hours vary from location to location.

At Symbion and COBIS, the canteen is at the heart of the entrepreneurial environment. It is open Monday-Friday from 11.30-14.00. In addition, it is also possible to buy a to-go box at 13.45 as a cheap alternative to dinner.

In Lydens Hus, the canteen is on the first floor.

Univate uses the university canteen, which is only a few steps away from the entrepreneurial environment.

You can easily book one of our many meeting rooms at our different locations. You can do this via the Community platform

Depending on your product, you have a certain number of hours available: you have 10 hours/month with membership, 20 hours/month with office space, unlimited access with your own office.

Please note that with a virtual office you do not have free access to the meeting rooms of the Entrepreneurship Community. As an alternative, we refer to the rental of meeting rooms in Symbion Conference and Event Space.

In Symbion Conference and Eventspace you can rent meeting and conference rooms for both smaller and larger gatherings.

Yes. You're more than welcome to have visitors.

If you need a meeting room, it is possible to book one of our many meeting rooms at


Our commitment periods are very flexible, so you can get away with a short notice depending on the product you have.

There is a 1 month notice period if you rent an office space, membership, makerspace, makershub and virtual office.

If you rent your own office or laboratory, there is a 3-month notice period.

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