Coworking space in Copenhagen

An optimal environment
for entrepreneurs and startups

You and your company will have access to a coworking space and a community whose primary goal is to create an optimal environment for startups and entrepreneurs, which we do, among others, by reinvesting profits in new initiatives that benefit entrepreneurs and start-ups.

We offer you and your business a focused network and a present and accessible community that develops new ideas, provides new knowledge, and forges new relationships within selected industries, and where the right people are brought together across the likes of entrepreneurs, universities, corporates, clusters, etc.


Companies in the Symbion community

Symbion has four locations, all of which house exciting and innovative startups and entrepreneurs within a number of selected sectors and ecosystems.

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See companies at Creators Floor by Symbion

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companies in the community

Advantages of being part of
the Symbion Community


  • Focused networks in specific sectors and ecosystems
  • Present and accessible community
  • Close cooperation with KU, CBS, ITU and access to new know-how
  • Free coffee and tea in the kitchenettes and access to the canteen
  • High-speed Internet and print centre with printers, copier, and scanner
  • Access to inspiring meeting rooms
  • Free parking close to public transport
  • Ability to scale up and down as needed and with short notice

Find out more

Do you and your business have specific needs? If so, then we will do our utmost to accommodate them.

You are always welcome to call or write if you want to hear more about the opportunities to become a part of our coworking space, or if you are interested in a presentation of the locations.

The Symbion Vision

Symbion is owned by the University of Copenhagen, CBS, the Symbion Foundation as well as a number of private shareholders. It has a corporate charter that calls for competence and skills development, which is based on an unadulterated desire to strengthen entrepreneurship in Denmark.

Symbion was established in 1986 and stems from the vision of creating an optimal framework for entrepreneurs by linking research and entrepreneurship together with the knowledge and experience possessed by the more established Danish business community, and by reinvesting profits in new initiatives for the benefit of entrepreneurs and startups. This is the vision we still live by.

We have over 30 years’ experience in helping startup companies to grow. This experience is unique compared to other coworking spaces and entrepreneurial environments.

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