When you are given a token or access card, you can print.

The print system works as a pull-print solution, which means that you send a print job from your computer, which you can then retrieve from any printer at a Symbion location.

Remember that you pay ONLY for the prints you "pull" out of the printer. If you do not pick up a print job, you do not pay for it.

You have the option to print without a driver, uploading your document via webprint (use token number and PIN as Username/Password).
Otherwise follow the instructions below for driver printing.

1. Download printer driver

Choose the driver that matches your operating system:

Driver for Windows

Driver for Mac



2: Installation

Complete the installation of the downloaded "PaperCut Mobility Print Client" driver by following the installation instructions.

When asked for your printer username and password, use your badge or access card.

When the driver is installed on your machine, it is called "Symbion [pcut](Mobility)" or "PaperCut".


If you are prompted to select a printer during installation, check both "Symbion [pcut]" AND "A3-Print_Symbion [pcut]".

3. Print

Once the driver is installed, you can print to any printer. Scan your badge or enter your number and PIN of the printer from which you want to retrieve your print. Your PIN code was given to you when you moved in - it is your access code to the building (if you can't remember the code, you can access it at

Printouts you send to the system will remain in the printer queue for 72 hours, after which it will be deleted if it has not been printed, which means that you can take your laptop out of the house, home or whatever, and then simply "pull" your printout out when you are back on Symbion, i.e. if 72 hours have not passed.

You pay ONLY for the print you "pull" out of the machine, so if you don't get the sent print, you don't pay for it either.

4. Special for Mac users

If you're a Mac user who needs to print A3 size, you'll need to:

  1. BEFORE printing set the page setup/page layout to A3, see screen print below.
  2. Select "A3-Print_Symbion" as printer (for A4 printing select "PaperCut" as printer"). If you cannot select "A3-Print_Symbion" as printer, reinstall the printer driver - see point 1 at the top of this page.
  3. Enter the tile number and tile code.
  4. Pick up your print on selected printers that can (also) print A3:




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