Lydens Hus by Symbion

Lydens Hus coworking space located at Vesterbro in Copenhagen

Lydens Hus by Symbion consists of 4 floors with beautiful views of the lakes. The location houses approx. 80 different companies that work with sound, music, podcast and culture – so the sound engineer, the speaker producer, the festival organizer, the podcaster, the composer and the music organization are all gathered under one roof at Gl. Kongevej 11. It provides a unique network and development environment where there is the opportunity to spar and business development across. In addition, it provides a relaxed, creative atmosphere filled with fun and imaginative kicks in everyday life.

The location, which is spread over almost 1,500 m2 right by Vesterport Station, houses private offices, a shared office with dedicated desks, membership places, meeting rooms, professional sound studios and has dedicated an entire area to festival and cultural organizers, where both the established and the newly started organizers meet and exchanges ideas and experiences.

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You and your startup company can become part of Lydens Hus by Symbion in different ways, and below you can see price examples – and on our product page you can read more in detail about the different products and options.

Upcoming events at Lydens Hus by Symbion

Unique about Lydens Hus by Symbion

Sound studios

Two sound studios with professional equipment to record audio, podcasts etc.

Smaller environment

The location is marked by an imprecise definition of proximity and a cosy, informal atmosphere.

Close to S-train and buses

Lydens Hus is a 5-minutes walk from the Vesterport Station. Bus lines 26 and 31 run along Gl. Kongevej and stops close to Lydens Hus.

Diana Kiiskinen
Diana Kiiskinen - Rental and Sales Manager at Symbion

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  • What is important to your employees?

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Meet the companies

80 companies are already part of Lydens Hus. Are you next?

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