Copenhagen Agrifood Incubator

An all-in-one business development solution for early, ambitious, and scalable agriculture and food-tech startups in Copenhagen.


Be a part of something bigger

Copenhagen Agrifood Incubator is a close partnership between Food & Bio Cluster Denmark and Symbion who are the largest agrifood incubator operator and startups community in Denmark. Together with strong community partners Copenhagen Agrifood Incubator is much more than just an office space.

It’s an opportunity to become part of something bigger and be close to people who are dedicated to help you achieve your goals!

Copenhagen Agrifood Incubator is founded by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark and Symbion.

Why should you become a member?


Work next to other agrofood startups and entrepreneurs in our dedicated agrofood co-working space. It is more fun and you will be part of Denmarks largest startup community with +300 startup companies and +50 social and professional events each year.

Innovation and Business Development

As part of the Copenhagen Agrifood Incubator you become member of a national agrifood incubator network that will give you access to daily sparring on how to scale your business, our vast industry network and national and international biz. dev. projects and programs.

Get funded

Identify soft funding programs, get your business valuation right, build your pitch and present for investors.


How do you become a member?

Private Office

prices from DKK 4,891 per month

Private offices fitting from 1-2 and up to 15+ people. You can easily move from a small to a bigger office and vice versa if necessary. Enjoy your own enclosed and lockable office and take part in the events and meetups of the Copenhagen Agrifood Community when suitable.

Dedicated desk in incubator

prices from DKK  2,699 per month

A dedicated desk in Copenhagen Agrifood Incubator placed in the inspirational Symbion Co-working. You get to sit together with other innovative and ambitious agrifood startups. The Copenhagen Agrifood Incubator is an all-in-one business development solution primarily for early stage startups within agrifood. Enjoy sparring, networking and participating in the Copenhagen Agrifood Community.


prices from 1395 per month

A Membership gives you access to work in the open area workspaces in the dynamic Symbion Co-working. This is for you who are often on the move and do not need a dedicated desk but still likes to work around other startups within agrifood. You also have access to the Copenhagen Agrifood Community.


Advisory assistance: DKK 1,000 per month
Storage: from DKK 480 per month

All prices excl. VAT.

Copenhagen Agrifood Incubator

Copenhagen Agrifood Incubator is an all-in-one business development solution for early, ambitions and scalable agrifood startups in Copenhagen.

Joining Copenhagen Agrifood Incubator enables you to fail fast and fail cheap by learning from other ambitious agrifood startups in our national community. Our experience and access to finance will enable you to fulfill your ambitions via product development until you get traction in the market.

Becoming a part of the incubator community will give you access to professional office facilities and services, sector specific and experienced advice from business developers from Food & Bio Cluster Denmark and access to their network of Danish and international companies, universities and cooperate stakeholders.


Members of Copenhagen Agrifood community

Community Partners

When you are part of The Copenhagen Agrifood Incubator, you also benefit from our extended network of community partners who in different ways can assist you at your journey of building a product and creating a successful business.