It is this Friday 24th of May at 15.00 hrs that The Sports Day at Symbion will take place. Here follows practical info and rules for the different activities.


If you have registered a team please send this information to your fellow team mates!


This year we have more than 300 people ready for sports or “hygge”! We will meet at 15 pm precisely at the grass area at Keldsøvej – see map below – Please be there on time, since we have a tight program for the day 🚀

We will start by having a cold beer or soft drink, while we cheer for the relay runners. When they are finished we will start the football and volleyball tournament and the “hygge” activities which are petanque and kongespil.

We are serving cold beer, wine, water and sodas during the event. And you can also get an apple or some chips.

Evening – Grill:
When we are done with the finals (aprox. 18.30-19) those who have registered for the evening event with buffet (over 240 people) will head back to Symbion where more cold beer and food awaits us (remember that you can shower and get changed in the basement at Symbion). This year you will get a special wrist band if you have signed up for the dinner, which you will get when arriving at Symbion after the Sports event is done. This is your ticket for the buffet, so it is really important that you wear it! 

We will sit outside and eat, so don’t forget to bring an extra sweater and some warm socks ☔︎

What follows below is only concerning the sports activities

Best wishes


10 teams have registered for the tournament with two groups of 5. First and Second best of each group moves on to the semifinals. Each match has a duration of 12 min with a 3 minute break before the next game starts – Please be ready teams! If you are more than 5 min late for a game, you will consequently lose it 🌋

A win is 3 points, a draw is 1 point. Remember that both genders should be represented ☝️

7 teams have registered for the relay, which consists of 4 laps around the green area where the Sports Day is held (aprox. 300 meters per lap). The relay will be the first activity of the day and 3-4 teams run at the same time. The best team from each group will pass on to the finals.


15 teams have registered for the volley tournament. A match has the duration of 10 min with a 5 min break before the next match starts. The team with the highest score after the 10 minutes will win the match. We play on 3 different courts with 3 different groups. The winners of each group will play against each other in the playoffs. For everyone to join and have fun we will play by simplified volleyball rules. So keep this in mind and be nice to the volunteer judges 💋


The casual activities this year is Kongespil and Petanque – where we also have a casual tournament. You yourself have to register your team when arriving for the Sports Day. A team consists of 2-3 people. You can read the petanque rules here


Find your way to The Sports Day: