What is the process like? – Simple!

Step 1

Simply register by uploading your required persona and job description.

Step 2

Copenhagen Capacity will get in contact with you and plan a screening call to get to know more about your open position.

Step 3

On the 12th of March 2020, you will meet and interview candidates to select the talent that best fits.

Why register for Match-Date?

Work with specialists to help you find talents with 50-60% saving on your current costs.

Extend your reach and scale on demand.

Access strong candidates without the stress.

No risk involved.

Guaranteed quality candidates.


DKK 3,000

Note: If your company is not a part of Symbion it is free to attend if you have less than 20 employees.
If you have + 20 employees the price is still 3000,-
Payment is mandatory for companies before the process begins.
The price is shown ex VAT.

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