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Prioritizing IP when you are a Life Science start-up

30. mar 2023 - COBIS
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To make the right prioritisation in a Life Science start-up or scale-up business is not always easy! Focus and energy must be spent on technology and business development, resources must be spent on securing the next investor and then you must also make sure to protect the business through patents/IPR…

At this seminar, we will give some input on how you as a company within the field of Life Science can handle this difficult balance where communication and collaboration with several players are essential and a natural part of business. There is a need to sign a number of different types of agreements where it must be considered on an ongoing basis whether filing a patent application should be postponed and whether focus instead should be on NDAs (confidentiality agreements) and other ways of protecting business secrets and knowhow.

From a legal perspective, we will discuss a number of factors regarding the agreements entered in the field of Life Science. What should you be aware of and how do you negotiate these agreements in the best possible way? This is often very complex, and we will point to opportunities and pitfalls in this regard.


  • Lawyer Johnny Petersen, Bech-Bruun, is in charge of the legal aspect. Johnny Petersen has for more than 20 years dealt with complex contracts and litigation – both in Denmark and internationally – regarding intellectual property rights, including in particular patents within the field of Life Science.
  • Patent Attorney and CEO Jørgen Møller, Patentgruppen, will be responsible for the patent-technical angle. Jørgen has more than 25 years of experience in the patent field and has for a number of years focused on teaching patent strategy, overview of IP costs, filing strategies, IP analyzes, etc., both to Danish and international companies.


This seminar is free of charge, and you sign up at reception@patentgruppen.com

Marianne Kirkeby Bateson

Marianne Kirkeby Bateson

Oprettet: 24. marts 2023


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