General facts about Symbion kitchen

  • The kitchen is rented on a daily basis, at a price of DKK 1,500 / day
  • Rented the kitchen a full week (including Saturday and Sunday) the price is 6,000 kr.
  • The room can be booked as soon as you are registered as a user. You are automatically registered if you already have a connection to Symbion (office space, membership etc.) or Copenhagen AgriFood
  • When you have a user profile, the kitchen can be booked at
  • The user of the kitchen carries out thorough kitchen cleaning after use, so the next user also gets a good experience. If the cleaning performed is not in accordance with good kitchen hygiene, there will be a cleaning fee of DKK 750 excluding VAT.
  • A booking gives access to the kitchen from 7 AM – 8 PM
  • The key is collected and subsequently handed over to the Symbion service center. The service center is also available if technical problems arise between 7 AM and 4 PM.

This is what you get / have access to in the kitchen:

The test and production kitchen is divided into two zones. Preparation zone and cooking & packing zone.

  • Sink
  • Large steel sink / steel table top
  • Work tables (approx. 5 meters)
  • 3 mobile work desks
  • Oven (ordinary oven, not industrial oven)
  • 90 cm. electric stove with hotplates in cast iron
  • 2 pcs. 60 cm wide (ordinary household) refrigerators
  • Pots and pans
  • Bowls, buckets, etc.
  • Scales and measuring spoons
  • Cutting boards
  • Blender
  • Vacuum machine
  • Meat slicer
  • Waste bin and bags

This is what you must bring yourself:

  • Cloths & tea towels
  • Detergents (basic products such as dishwashing detergent and hand soap are provided)
  • Films, bags, aluminium foil, baking paper etc.
  • Spices, oil, salt, pepper, etc.
  • Your personal knife set

You are responsible for the following:

1: Cleaning of kitchen, equipment and fixtures after use.

2: Obtain all necessary permits

  • The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration with more info
  • Link to floor plan of kitchen

Cleaning of Symbion Kitchen

  • Empty the sink and its grate for old food scraps. Then clean the wash / wash table with universal cleaner.
  • Solid as well as mobile kitchen tables are wiped with a damp microfibre cloth with a little universal cleaner.
  • Stove is wiped with a damp microfibre cloth with a little universal cleaner.
  • Wipe off cupboard shelves with universal cleaner.
  • Wash and dry the kitchen service, machines, bowls, pots, pans etc. and return them to the marked place.
  • Wipe off all handles in the kitchen (for example, refrigerator, kitchen doors, dishwasher and washbasin) with a dampened microfibre cloth with a little universal cleaner to remove the bacteria we spread with our hands.
  • Wipe walls and surfaces for grease, splashes, etc. sprayed during cooking.
  • Clean the hotplate for grease with a damp cleaning cloth with detergent, as this is grease-dissolving. For stuck food residues, either an abrasive sponge that is used wet or a glass scraper can also be used in a humidified area.
  • The refrigerator can become a true bacterial bomb if it is not continuously cleaned. Therefore, completely clean the refrigerator for all food and wipe all surfaces with a disinfectant.
  • Oven is wiped with a damp microfibre cloth with detergent. Burnt food scraps are scraped away or scrubbed away with cleaning sponge and scouring agent.
  • Floors are then swept and washed. The wash water must contain a universal cleaner to remove bacteria.