General terms and conditions for Symbion membership:

The following terms and conditions apply for Symbion membership purchased after 1 March 2018. Prices, fees, additional services, etc. can always be found at, where you can log in using the email address you registered with and your chosen password.
At the start of the agreement, the monthly fee for Symbion membership is DKK 1,395/month, excl. VAT. In addition, an initial fee of DKK 995 excl. VAT shall be paid, covering the establishment of an access token, access to the Symbion app, and the booking system, as well as the establishing a company profile on Symbion websites.
Prices are adjusted once per year, and these will be communicated via email. Significant price changes will be announced at least 45 days prior to their entry into force, and you will then be able to cancel your membership before the announced price increase takes effect.

Use of Symbion membership and services included in the membership:

Symbion membership is personal and may not be used by anyone other than yourself. Access to Symbion membership is controlled through your personal access token/card.
If you lose your access token, you must immediately notify Symbion via telephone on +45 3917 9999 or via email at
Symbion membership gives you access 24/7/365 to the primary location you have selected (see page 1), and, using your membership, you can also access Symbion’s locations during normal working hours from 08:00 to 16:00.


Symbion makes its professional team available to companies with Symbion membership. The employees will help companies with a number of tasks, including:

  • Notification about the arrival of guests
  • Helping companies to access to the Symbion community, including the Symbion app, events and social events
  • Networks, advisory services and mentoring in connection with events
  • Access to large-scale customer agreements, contracts, etc. via the Symbion app

The tenant also has the option of selecting one or more services on agreement and against separate payment, including:

  • The Symbion Conference Centre, located in Østerbro, Copenhagen. The conference centre offers meeting and conference rooms accommodating up to 400 people. Terms and conditions for renting the meeting and conference facilities are set by Symbion.
  • Access to telephone answering
  • Access to canteen
  • At Symbion Østerbro, it is possible to use Symbion Fitness
  • Symbion offers a range of IT services, e.g. storage of servers in a professional server environment. (Located at Østerbro and Univate). You can learn more by contacting us at

Symbion reserves the right to adjust the offering and content of services without notice.


When purchasing Symbion membership, an agreement regarding credit card payment of the monthly fees is also entered into. Payment of the monthly fee occurs on the first day of the month which the membership agreement covers, and the cost of any utility consumption from the previous month shall be added to the fee.

Termination, etc.

The agreement regarding Symbion membership can be terminated with 30 days’ notice to the first of the month. Upon termination of the agreement, access tokens/cards must be returned before 12 noon on the day when the agreement expires.

General terms and conditions for Symbion membership

If the tenant wishes to change their membership agreement and instead rent an office at one of Symbion’s locations, the tenant will be screened in relation to the areas of focus at that location to ensure maximum value creation for the company and for other businesses in the community. This means that the tenant will only be offered an office to rent if Symbion believes that there are synergies in relation to the other businesses in the community.
The membership area is a common area, where many companies operate from. Therefore, Symbion disclaims any liability for theft of, or damage to, equipment or other possessions belonging to the tenant.
Your membership is personal. You are welcome to invite guests in for meetings in the meeting rooms, but you should not hold meetings with guests in the common area. You are responsible for the guests you invite into the co-working space. You are liable for any damage caused by your guests.
Furthermore, Symbion undertakes no responsibility for transient disturbances to the supply of water, heating, electricity, etc., as well as renovation, but is obligated to urgently remedy any such disturbances.
Symbion is obligated to keep the property covered by fire and building insurance, including glass insurance both inside and outside, while the members themselves must take out all other insurance.