A flexible desk in coworking and common areas.

DKK 1,395 per month excl VAT

Membership offers a flexible hot desk that is perfect for those who are on the move or travelling, and who want to work in a flexible and dynamic environment with access 24/7. A membership hot desk allows you to work in a professional environment and is an excellent alternative to working at a coffee shop or cafe. All you need to do is show up and bring your laptop with you. Then you are ready to work in one of our coworking spaces, which are furnished with desks and high tables, or in our lounge areas with armchairs, sofas, and cubicles.

With a membership in the Symbion Community you will be part of an entrepreneurial environment that can help you create a regular work routine, while becoming part of Denmark’s largest community of innovative start-ups and growth-hungry companies.

Access to:

Coffee and tea ad libitum

Free parking


Fitness centre*








*The fitness centre is located at Symbion in Østerbro.
**10 hours per month are inclusive for the membership product.


We offer a Membership flexible hot desk on most of our locations – on the map below or by clicking here you can see all the locations in the community.

The primarily Membership areas are at Symbion Østerbro is located in a large, recently renovated co-working area and at Lydens Hus Vesterbro with a mix of sole proprietorship and small businesses.

Much more than a workplace

In addition to a workspace located in a professional environment, businesses in the Symbion community also benefit from a range of other benefits and discounts:

A community of entrepreneurs

You will become part of a unique and diverse network, where you can share your expertise with other entrepreneurs in the community. You will receive access to a wealth of knowledge from within the community and the possibility to utilise others as a sounding board on a daily basis, plus the opportunity to meet valuable contacts and to forge partnerships.


You have the opportunity to participate in professional and social events to be held at our three locations, including motivational speeches on relevant topics, pitch training and annual parties.

Community Platform

The Symbion Community Platform gives you access to easily network and spar with others in the community, access to a lot of internal and external deals and services that you can use both in work contexts, as well as in private. In addition, you can easily book meeting rooms, and you also get the latest news about events, blog etc. from the community directly on the platform.

Job bank

Receive access to Symbion Matchmaking, which is a job bank for entrepreneurs in the Symbion community who are looking for new resources in terms of staff, freelancers, student assistants, etc.

Frequently asked questions

At what time can the coworking space be accessed?

Regardless of whether you rent a private office, a dedicated desk in a shared office or have a Symbion membership with flexible hot desk, you have access to your primary location 24/7.

However, please be aware that the reception can only be contacted during normal opening hours.

Can guests visit me?

Yes.You are welcome to have guests visit you.

Should you need a meeting room, then you can book one either via the Intranet at or via the App.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

The deposit amount varies from product to product:

There is no deposit if you want to rent a dedicated desk in a shared office, makers hub, membership, or virtual office.

If you want to rent a private office, makerspace, or laboratory, then you must pay a deposit equal to three months’ rent.

Do I need to pay for consumables in addition to the rent?

Both operations, heating and electricity are included in your rent when you rent a private office, a dedicated desk in a shared office and a Membership with flexible hot desk.

If you rent a laboratory, then must pay for electricity in addition to your rent.

Do the coworking spaces have a reception?

Yes. There is a reception area at all our locations that both you and your customers can turn to for assistance. Opening hours vary from location to location:

The Symbion reception is open Monday – Thursday 8:00 to 16:30 and from 8:00 to 16:00 on Friday.
The Univate reception is open Monday – Friday 9:00 to 15:00.
The Creators Floors reception is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:00 to 16:00 (virtual reception on the other days)

How do I book a meeting room?

You can book one of our many meeting rooms and conference venues at our various locations in Copenhagen, both easily and free of charge. This can either be done via the Intranet,

Depending on your product, you have a certain number of hours available: A Membership entitles you to use meeting rooms for 10 hours per month, 20 hours per month with a dedicated desk in a shared office, and unlimited access with a private office.

Note that virtual office space does not come with free access to meeting rooms at Symbion locations. Should you like to book a meeting room, please contact the Symbion conference centre.

How do I get access to the fitness centre?

You can register by e-mailing us with your name, company, and token number.

Once you are registered, your token can be used to access our fitness centre, which is located in the Symbion basement. We have both changing rooms and shower facilities, with the option for your own locker. The fitness centre can also be used if you are linked to one of our other locations.

Please note that access to the fitness centre is not included if you rent a virtual office.


Is a telephone answering service available?

Yes, a telephone answering service is available for your business. The cost for this service is DKK 425 per month.

Is the office furnished

If you rent a private office furniture is not included in the rent *. However, we always ensure that you can rent a set of furniture for DKK 175 per month excluding VAT. A set of furniture consists of a height-adjustable desk, a chair, bookshelf, and bin.
*If you move onto the Creators Floor, all offices will be furnished, and the furnishings will therefore be included in the rent (free of charge).

If you rent a dedicated desk in a shared office you will receive a height-adjustable desk, chair, locked cabinet, and bin included in the price.

With a membership you may use the furniture and screens available in the coworking and shared areas. Computer screen are available in Symbion Coworking.

Is there a post and package handling service?

Yes, we would be pleased to receive your post and packages.

Franking of letters is basically free. For more than 100 letters, there is an additional cost of DKK 175 per half hour.

Packages are both delivered to and collected from the reception.All you have to do is fill in an electronic packing slip at the counter, and in future you will be notified directly when you have packages waiting to be collected.

Please note that those with memberships do not have a postal address included in the price. However, this service can be added at a cost ofDKK 290 per month.


What is the establishment fee?

The establishment fee covers items such as having keys and access token made, getting signs made, system setups and setting up IT services.

The etablishment fee varies depending on our different products:

The etablishment fee is DKK 995 if you purchase a Membership and Virtual Office. The etablishment fee is DKK 1,995 if you would like to rent your a dedicated desk in a shared office. The establishment fee is DKK 3,895 if you rent a private  office or laboratory.

What is the period of notice?

Our periods of notice are very flexible, so depending on the product you have, you can get by with a short period of notice.

There is 1 month notice period if you rent a dedicated desk in a shared office, membership, makerspace, makers hub or virtual office.

If you rent a laboratory or an office, then the period of notice is 3 months. 

Where is the canteen located?

At Symbion the canteen is located in the centre of the coworking space. The opening hours are Monday-Friday from 11:30 to 14:00. As an inexpensive alternative to dinner, to-go boxes are also available for purchase at 13:45.

On Univate and Creators Floor the university canteen is used, which is only a few steps away from the entrepreneurial environments. The canteens are open Monday-Friday from 11:00-14:00