Symbion Makerspace Copenhagen

A workshop community in Copenhagen where startups working with hardware electronics have the possibility to turn ideas into prototypes


We want to make hardware as easy as software

Makerspace is an all-in-one dedicated hardware network for startups and companies with an interest in turning an idea into a prototype.

It does not matter how experienced you are. You will always be able to get help and support from the hardware community. In other words, the Makerspace is for everyone!

Joining Makerspace Copenhagen enables you to fail fast and fail cheap by learning from other ambitious hardware-lovers in the community. Our experience and access to equipment will enable you to fulfill your ambitions via product development until you get traction in the market.

Equipment available at Symbion Makerspace Copenhagen?

3D Printing and Fast Prototyping Workshop

  • Professional 3D printer dedicated for printing functional prototypes with good quality finish
  • FDM 3D printer dedicated to basic use and people interested in learning more about 3D printing and initial prototypes
  • Styrofoam and foam cutter

Wood and Metal Workshop

A room dedicated to making noise! Turn your piece of metal or wood into something useful.

  • Drills, electric- and manual saws
  • Small desktop milling machine
  • Various materials: Plywood, acrylic sheets etc.
  • Various paints, adhesives, glues and tapes

PCB Maker Lab

Create your own printed circuit board using the dirty room

  • Acid baths
  • Chemicals

IoT and Electronics Workshop

Prototype or test your own hardware without investing in onerous equipment

  • Various Arduino and development boards
  • Sensors, actuators, basic components, breadboards, wires and everything you need to prototype
  • Full rework stations with hot air quality soldering irons and tips
  • Grounding mats and wristbands to prevent static electricity damage
  • Test equipment: Oscilloscope, programmable DC power supplies and multimeters
  • Other useful tools and consumable: Crimper, wire strippers, solder sucker, third hands, tweezers and much more

How do you become a member?

Daily Pass

DKK 195 / Day

A daily pass grants you access to work in Makerspace. All the tools are available to you and you get to experience the hardware community first hand. The daily pass is for the person who only needs to use the equipment for a day – quick in, quick out.

Dedicated desk in The Hub w. access to Makerspace

DKK 2,699 / month

A dedicated desk in Makerspace gives you full access to a private desk placed in The Hub, a hardware dedicated network. The Hub organizes events and workshops to ensure a great  feeling of community whilst sharing knowledge and experiences. There will only be a few steps from your desk at The Hub to the Makerspace, which you have full access to.

Weekly Pass

DKK 795 / Week

A weekly pass will be perfect for you, if you need to work on your project for a limited amount of time. The weekly pass will give you full access to Makerspace for 5 working days in a row.


Storage: from DKK 480 / month

Prices are shown excluding VAT.

Makerspace Copenhagen by Symbion

Becoming a part of the Makerspace community at Symbion will give you access to professional office facilities, technology, services and sector specific advice from other experienced startups. Furthermore, you will get access to events, workshops and meet-ups hosted at Symbion. You will participate in forming and creating Copenhagen’s new makerspace. The space is still young and we are continuously working on developing a creative space with all the tools you need for your projects. Makerspace is created and funded by Symbion.


Community Partners

When you become a part of the Makerspace community, you also benefit from our extended network of community partners, who in different ways can assist you at your journey of building a product and creating a successful business.