A podcast is an audio file that you can listen to whenever it suits you. It is know-how in a portable format that you can listen to whenever it suits you and wherever you are. You can listen to podcasts on your mobile phone, iPad, or computer, and subscribing to iVærktøjskassen from Symbion is free of charge.



iVærktøjskassen is a podcast from Symbion, which contains short guides to life as an entrepreneur, with new information about everything related to startups.

OBS: Episodes are in Danish.


How to get started with podcasts

You can listen to podcasts directly via a website or through an app on your phone or tablet.

As an Apple user, you can use Apple’s own podcast app “Apple Podcasts”. If you are an Android user, you can find a guide here as to what apps you can choose among. Listening to podcasts is free.

You can both stream and download podcasts. If you download the podcast, then you can listen to it without Internet access.

Remember to subscribe to iVærktøjskassen on your podcast app, so new episodes are automatically downloaded once they are released.