What is an office space?

The idea behind office spaces are that they have gathered a number of services and facilities that are made available to make it easy for companies to focus on growing their business. The various services may vary, but there will typically be access to cleaning, internet connection, reception, telephone pass, printing facilities, wi-fi, canteen, meeting rooms, fitness centre etc.

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What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is basically an office shared by several companies. In principle, it doesn’t need to have several services and shared facilities. There are necessarily nor employees to handle the practical tasks. The basic idea is that the companies in a coworking space benefit from sitting next to each together. They get access to networks, sparring and knowledge and can share tasks and develop various forms of collaboration. If you are part of a coworking space, you are not just in a customer relationship. You are part of a community that you are expected to contribute to.

Symbion: An office and coworking space with community

Symbion is both an office space and a coworking space with a community. In contrast to most places, we put great emphasis on the network among the companies. Moreover, Symbion’s ambition is to create a community with the possibility to share knowledge, collaborate and focus on professional events, inspirational articles and a range of inspiring and innovative companies with eager to grow.

Practical benefits of renting an office in Symbion coworking space:

  • Short lease contracts (either one or three months notice depending on the type of office)
  • Only two to three months deposit (depending on the type of office)
  • Free parking and cleaning service
  • Access to canteen
  • Access to common areas and lounge areas.
  • Print center with print copy and scan
  • High-speed internet connection throughout the house
  • Free coffee and tea in the kitchenettes
  • Free access to workshops, pitches, events and lectures
  • Nice Friday bar and other social events
  • Possibility to expand or reduce the square metres you rent at short notice