Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion
Islands Brygge

Univate Emil Holms Kanal coworking space at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen

This environment at Islands Brygge and is one of two locations located at UCPH South Campus and opened in the spring 2019.
The environment consists of approx. 60 innovative startups and entrepreneurs who primarily work with game, AI, IoT, blockchain, fintech etc. in Copenhagen. The reason for a focus on specific industries is that it creates optimal conditions for knowledge sharing and for making use of each other’s competencies.

The location is 2,500 m2 and the premises are located on the University of Copenhagen’s South Campus on Emil Holms Kanal at Islands Brygge. By virtue of being in the same building as the university students, you experience life and ‘buzzing’ when you walk around the campus. In addition, the startup environment is a present community that creates relationships among the right people across entrepreneurs, universities, corporates, industries, ecosystems, etc. Perfectly suited as, for example, initiating an coworking space in Copenhagen.

The environment’s combination of private offices, shared offices, Membership hot desks, meeting rooms and event space supports a productive and innovative workplace while also accommodating various lounge areas for more informal conversations or relaxation.

See floor plan with vacant offices and interior design style.

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Find your way to Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion

Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion
Emil Holms Kanal 14
2300 København S

Unique about Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion

Located on the University of Copenhagen Campus

Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion er beliggende på KU’s Søndre Campus (KUA 1) på Islands Brygge. Find vej her. Derved får du og din startup nem adgang til ny viden og mulighed for at rekruttere studerende til studiejobs.

Spacious environment

The location, with 2,500 m2, is a good size for building networks and relationships, at the same time as they are influenced by the surroundings.

Close to the Copenhagen Metro and buses

The Islands Brygge Metro Station is a 5-minute walk from Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion. In addition, bus 33 stops nearby.


The University of Copenhagen has a large parking lot with free parking located at the entrance to the building. These parking spaces can be used both by you and your company, and also your guests can use them with a guest parking permit.

Access to university's canteens

As a company at Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion, you and your colleagues have access to the university’s canteens across the south campus.

Day office - for rent on a daily basis

Especially on Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion, you have the opportunity to rent an office on a daily basis. The offices can accommodate up to 3 people and can be booked from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekdays. If you want to book a day office, please send an email to the rental team and state that the request goes to a day office and which date you want to rent the office. A day office costs DKK 750.00 excl. VAT for an entire day

Sound studio

Sound studio with flash set for taking professional photos, green screen and various background colors. The studio is soundproofed, so it is possible to record audio and podcasts.

Game Room

When it’s time for a break, you and your colleagues can use the on-site Game Room with Xbox, PlayStation, gamer PCs, table football and table tennis.

See floor plan with office overview

Download a PDF with an overview of Univate. Take a look at our offices and take the opportunity to enquire about the office you want to rent once we open.

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Rented out offices

See the decor in 360 degree panoramic view

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone and experience the decor at Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion.

Se indretningsstil for Univate SC1 by Symbion

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Diana Kiiskinen
Diana Kiiskinen - Rental and Sales Manager at Symbion

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