Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion
Islands Brygge

Univate coworking space at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen

This coworking space is the Symbion community’s newest location and opened in May 2019.

The startup community will consist of 60 innovative startups and entrepreneurs involved in gaming, blockchain, and fintech industries, among others. The reason for a focus on specific industries is that it creates optimal conditions for knowledge sharing and for making use of each other’s competences.

The location is 2500 m2 and is located on the University of Copenhagen South Campus (KUA 1) on Emil Holms Kanal at Islands Brygge. As coworking space is located in the same building as the university students, you will note the area has a lively atmosphere and is buzzing with activity as you walk around the campus. The start-up environment is a thriving and accessible community resulting in new relationships among the right people including entrepreneurs, universities, corporations, industries, and ecosystems, etc.

The combination of private offices, shared offices with dedicated desks, memberships with flexible hot desks, meeting rooms and event facilities in the environment promotes a productive and innovative place of work, while it also features several lounge areas for informal conversation or relaxation.

View the floor plan with vacant offices and decor.


You and your company can become a part of Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion in several different ways and in accordance with your needs. Sample prices are listed below, and on our product page you can read in more detail about the different products and options that are available.

Upcoming events at Univate

Find Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion

Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion
Emil Holms Kanal 14
DK – 2300 Copenhagen S
(Entry via Rued Langgaards Vej 6)

Unique about Univate SC1 by Symbion

Located on the University of Copenhagen Campus

Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion is located on the University of Copenhagen South Campus (KUA 1) at Islands Brygge. This will give you and your startup easy access to new knowledge and the ability to recruit students for internships.

Spacious environment

The location, with 2,500 m2, is a good size for building networks and relationships, at the same time as they are influenced by the surroundings.

Close to the Copenhagen Metro and buses

The Islands Brygge Metro Station is a 5-minute walk from Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion. In addition, bus 33 stops nearby.


The University of Copenhagen has a large parking lot with free parking located at the entrance to the building. These parking spaces can be used both by you and your company, and also your guests can use them with a guest parking permit. Entry via Rued Langgaards Vej.

Access to university's canteens

As a company at Univate Emil Holms Kanal by Symbion, you and your colleagues have access to the university’s canteens across the south campus.

View the floor plan with an overview of work spaces

Download a PDF with an overview of Univate. Take a look at our offices and take the opportunity to enquire about the office you want to rent once we open.

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offices reserved

See the interior style in a 360-degree panoramic view

Scan the QR code with your mobile and experience the future interior style of Univate SC1 by Symbion.

Se indretningsstil for Univate SC1 by Symbion

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Diana Kiiskinen
Diana Kiiskinen - Rental and Sales Manager at Symbion

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