Symbion Coworking Space Copenhagen – Part of a larger community

We have coworking spaces at Østerbro, Frederiksberg and Amager in Copenhagen, Denmark. As a startup company or entrepreneur in Symbion, you become part of a professional and serious business environment with over 200 ambitious entrepreneurs and growth companies that strive to succeed with their business.

The companies in Symbion open workspace work in a wide range of business areas. Therefore, you become part of a network of experts and potential business partners that can boost your business much better than you can do alone.

“Every time we open our door, there is the possibility of a pitch conversation with other companies.”
– Rebecca Guacan, formerly employeed in Movellas

At the same time, you get free access to a wide range of services targeting startups and entrepreneurs in Symbion, including seminars, workshops, pitches and facilities such as canteen, reception, fitness centre, meeting rooms, cleaning, printers, coffee and free parking.

Benefits of a coworking space in Copenhagen

The advantages of working in a co working space are many. First and foremost, the possibility of creating networks with like-minded and potential sparring and business partners is of great importance.

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In addition to networking, flexibility and easy access to scale up and down as needed is important for many entrepreneurs, as well as 24-hour access and the ability to utilize areas that provide room for focus and immersion.

Find your price for a private office with our price calculator

If you use our price calculator, you can see what it will cost you to rent an office in Symbion’s coworking space – the specified price is the price that will be shown on your invoice, if you move in.

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If you want a dedicated desk in a shared office in one of our co working spaces, you can read more about the possibilities of having a dedicated desk:

Dedicated desk in shared office in coworking space at Symbion, Copenhagen.

Members can get access to a flexible hot desk in Copenhagen. Perfect for those who are on the move or travelling. Read more about our Membership solution.

Dedicated desk in shared office at Frederiksberg or Islands Brygge?

We also offer private offices and shared offices in our coworking space, Creators Floor, in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Creators Floor is a collaboration between Symbion and Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

On 01.03.2017 we opened Univate, which is our newest coworking space located on Islands Brygge in Amager, close to the centre of Copenhagen. Univate is a collaboration between Symbion and the University of Copenhagen (KU).

Contact us about coworking spaces in Copenhagen

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to hear more about the possibilities of moving in in one of our many coworking spaces in Copenhagen.