The History of Symbion – a unique story

Symbion’s history dates back to the mid-1980s, when we were founded on the vision of creating a framework for cooperation between research and innovation – a cooperation that at that time was virtually non-existent in Denmark.

We still live by that vision and it is a starting point that sets us apart from our competitors.

The Vision

From the beginning, the vision has been to create an organic relationship between research and business. The starting point was a slightly elitist notion that a company had to be approved by the research house’s board of directors in order move in.

At that time, this board of directors consisted of business leaders and professors as well as principals from a number of colleges.

Today, the decision is made by Symbion’s administration, and the then elitist perception of who might be part of Symbion have slowly changed, so today’s focus is on a desire to be an environment for innovative growth companies within certain industries.

Unfair competitive advantages

Thus, Symbion is based on an unadulterated desire to strengthen entrepreneurship in Denmark, which is the main reason why we have got through both the IT bubble and the financial crisis.

Starting from scratch, having to fight for our ambition and being successful, helps us understand and help the startups in the community in a completely different way than many of our competitors.