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Symbion Research Park

Founded in 1986 Symbion has more than 25 years of experience helping start-up companies reaching their goals. 

Contact information

Symbion A/S

Fruebjergvej 3
DK- 2100 København Ø

Email: info@remove-this.symbion.dk

Phone.: 3917 9999

Reception - opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 8.00 - 16.30
Friday 8.00 - 16.00

CVR.nr. 10369703

The story behind Symbion

Symbion was established in 1986 by 6 scientists who wanted to create synergy between research and business. 

Today Symbion is Denmark's leading innovation environment, where we offer office communities, meeting facilities, conference facilities, business development and capital for the most promising and ambitious start-up companies. 

Symbion creates Symbiosis.
The name Symbion has been derived from the word "Symbiosis" which is the core thought behind Symbion.

In 1991 Symbion moved to Fruebjergvej, where the research park handles its many activities today. 
In 1998 Symbion was approved as an innovation environment. This status means that Symbion manages a sum of money on behalf of the Danish Ministry of Science.

In 2001 Symbion established the venture company Symbion Capital I A/S and Symbion's consulting unit was separated into a fully owned subsidiary called Symbion Management A/S. 

In 2004 SEED Capital Denmark was established. The fund invests in the pre-seed and seed segment within research based and high technology companies. 

In 2004 Symbion IT-væksthuset 5te was established on the fifth floor of the IT-university. In 2006 5te was expanded with a new growth house, 5teUnit is located in the former KUA (Copenhagen University Amager).
In 2006 Symbion established GazelleGrowth. GazelleGrowth should internationalize Danish companies. The program manages more than 32 million DKK from the Danish Ministry of Science. 
In 2007 Symbion won, in a consortium, the right to develop a new concept for growing Danish technology companies. The assignment was supplied by Erhvervs- & Byggestyrelsen. The program is called Accelerace Today. 

In 2009 Symbion established COBIS (Copenhagen Bio Sience Park) in a partnership with Scion DTU and Incuba Science Park. The creation of COBIS Med opførelsen af COBIS vil København placere sig som et af Europas førende life science clusters.

In 2011 Accelerace won, in a licensing round, an assignment to administrate an entrepreneurial fund of about 100 million DKK in Region Midtjylland in cooperation with Nupark located in Holstebro. 

In 2011 COBIS and Symbion in cooporation with Accelerace Management was selected as the new management company for the fund Syddansk Vækstfremme. The fund invests in welfare technological companies in the region southern Denmark the fund also offer loans to small and medium sized companies in the outskirts of the region.

Board of Directors and Shareholders

Symbion is a privately held company, which is owned by the Symbion foundation and a number of private investors.

Symbion Foundation
Nordea Bank Denmark A/S
Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond
Magistrenes Pensionskasse
Danske Bank A/S
Pensionskassen for Værkstedsfunktionærer

Board of Directors
Jørgen Bardenfleth (Chariman)
CEO for Microsoft Aps.

Jørgen Honoré (Vice Chairman), University Director at Copenhagen University

Finn Junge-Jensen, Former Dean at Copenhagen Business School

Peter Buhl Jensen, Former CEO for TopoTarget  

Morten Bangsgaard, CEO for IT-Branchen

Søren Hougaard, CEO for AMS Group

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